What is Amazon Marketplace?

A platform where anybody can sell products as a third-party merchant seller. You can ship each order yourself, or use the ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ programme where Amazon handles this on your behalf. You manage your account via a portal called Seller Central.

How is it different from Amazon Retail?

You don’t need an invitation to sell on Amazon Marketplace, and you sell directly to end consumers.

Amazon Marketplace (selling ON Amazon)

• Sell direct to end consumers
• Anyone can sell on Marketplace
• Control over own inventory
• Some control over listing content and no additional tools (Amazon Retail takes priority)
• 2-3 week payment cycle
• Potential for higher margins
• Automated returns/refunds
• Basic marketing tools

Amazon Retail (selling TO Amazon)

• Sell B2B to Amazon
• Must be invited by Amazon Retail team
• Amazon determines order volumes
• Control over listing content with additional tools/options available
• Negotiated payment terms
• Potential for larger volume
• Negotiable returns policy
• Access to full range of Amazon advertising, marketing and promotional tools

When would Amazon Marketplace be right for my business?

Perhaps you want to test the market, you’re not ready for volume sales or you want to control your inventory. Amazon Marketplace can be a great option for sales growth with minimal setup required.

We can always help you consider Amazon Retail further down the line, if it’s right for your business.

How do we help?

We manage your account on your behalf, making it easy for you to focus on continuing to build your business as a whole.

We handle:

• Account setup, pricing analysis, product submissions
• Shipping and logistics guidance
• Content updates and account administration
• Monitoring reviews and duplicate listings
• Financial management and reporting
• Sales promotions
• Amazon advertising

What should I consider when getting started with Amazon Marketplace?

• Do your products have barcodes?
• Are your products already sold on Amazon?
• If so, how will you compete?
• Do you have product details and imagery available?
• What marketing budget are you prepared to invest?

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